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Hi there!

I'm Kristin.

Ten years ago, I became captivated by color.  I learned how wearing the right colors based on your hair, skin and eyes can make a huge difference - not only how it brings out the sparkle in your features, but how it makes you feel. You glow, and you can’t help but notice it. Others notice, too. I felt like a new person once I realized this and it began to shape how I shopped (money saved from not buying the wrong colors), what I wore (feeling good in every outfit) and what cosmetics I used (no dark lipstick for me!)


I took my passion for color to the next level and am an Expert Level Color Consultant with Style by Color. I’m so excited to be able to offer to others what I've received!

I'm so excited to meet YOU!

IMG_7179 2.jpg

If you’ve ever wondered what colors are best for you, what colors you should avoid, what patterns best compliment your contrast level, what metals and stones in jewelry complement your skin and hair, or what cosmetic colors work best with your complexion, I can help!

You don’t have to live nearby to take part in a color experience. I can do either in-person or virtual analysis. 


I would love to assist you in becoming your best outward self while getting to know you personally! To set up a personalized consultation appointment or if you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact me via the Contact tab.

I can’t wait to help you shine brighter than ever!

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